Interior Painting

When it comes to wall painting, home painting , house painting in Pune you need professional results. Whether it’s a full remodel of the house or a new accent wall, your home deserves a high-quality service and an impeccable finish. Our interior house painting services provide a seamless, efficient, and meticulous interior painting job that will make a world of difference to your home’s overall look and impact.

Step 1 - Color Selection

Before we start to color, you will have to select your color. If you would like to same as previous color on your wall, you can use an old can for reference, or you can take a chip to the paint store. We can help you identify the color and we also offer a Color Consulting Service if you need help coming to a decision.

Step 2 - Protect the Area

We cover the furniture and floors with a new clean piece of protective plastic sheeting. We also protect your floors with drop cloths, We Painting contractor in Pune taking care to secure every inch of the room.

Step 3 - Prepare Surfaces

Our painting team prepares the walls for interior painting by filling any holes or cracks in ceilings and walls, sealing any stains, including loose or old paint.

Step 4 - Apply New Paint

After any areas repaired, we apply premium quality paints for a uniform finish.There are multiple finish options, including flat, matte etcand we will have gone over the benefits of each with you beforehand so you can make an informed decision.

Step 5 - Clean Up

The team removes all the painting materials and coverings. We sweep your floors and carpets and put everything back exactly where we found it while paying close attention to doing a thorough job cleaning the work area.

Complete Residential and Commercial penting & Cleaning Services in Pune.

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