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Ozone Plus housekeeping services now brings you cleaning services and solutions for your homes offices gardens etc with its services in man power supply and direct cleaning services of interiors and exteriors of premises in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane in India. Your business deserves the best. The best staff, the best decor, the best facilities, the best processes etc. at the same time achieving best is one thing and sustaining it permanently is another. For core issues it is imperative for the organization to focus and sharpen the saw to keep it up and running forever as ever but for non core issues it would be a folly for any business to concentrate and dedicate its vital energies.

If you start concentrating on the non core issues which are too vital to ignore but unproductive as they do not constitute to the main business goals in anyway then be sure you eyes are of your goal and your business is sure to suffer. In other words its imperative for the organization to be kept clean and neat and new as ever but one cannot concentrate the vital core energies of the organization to achieving this goal that is in no way connected to the processes but can affect dearly to the goals if neglected. Hence it is better to hand it over to specialists who know micro and macro management of the tasks with no botheration to the company of its minute to major management or concern in anyways.

Cleaning cannot be ignored but neither can be owned so what is the way out? Well the way out is giving it to the specialist. Who would do this as it would be its own core task and won’t bother the main stream aims of the establishment in anyway. We are one such answer to your problem. We will depute our best team for the task assigned and they will do it in the best way. Be it carpet cleaning or marble polishing or just floor cleaning. The entire premise could be cleaned with utmost care and finesse.

Deep Cleaning

Our staff would be distinct in appearance and mannerisms who would perform the cleaning service with house keeping would include regular toilet cleaning during the working shifts with the adherence to the regular schedule of floor cleaning. The carpet cleaning would be done effectively and regularly to keep the ambiance fresh along with the cleaning of walls of the interior premise. The cobwebs would be cleaned regularly to keep the interiors up and neat. Glass doors cleaning with windows on regular intervals would be kept tidy and presentable 24x7.

So do not hesitate in filling up the form and take a step towards keeping your premise clean as you dream and hand it over to the specialists. Just fill up the quick query form with your details and your inquiry would be attended at the earliest with a visit to your premises with solution proposition by our sales manager at the earliest. We look forward to serve you better and forever. We are keen on becoming your task partner and cleaning arm of the house keeping wing.

If you have any problem regarding Cleaning Service, please contact us or call at 9823074749.

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